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Our valleys are always uncanny

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

The piece was inspired by the hypothesis of Uncanny Valley, the view of movements within research by classical and contemporary dance. The “Uncanny valley” effect is a characteristic of emotional response that occurs when we humans encounter an almost but not quite human entity. Are we humans seeking to become more humanoids, and Robots are adorning more and more to be like humans?

Choreography: @davidsonfarias

Music: Uncanny Valley by Raime

Choreographic Assistance: @evelinskarlatos

Costumes: Berend Voorhaar und Sabrina Zyla, Karisma-Costumes

Photography: Andreas Etter

Dancers: Gianna Bassan, Luca Di Giorgio, Francine Hoenner, Dave Lankhorst, Koko Nishikawa, Viviane Von Gunten, Camille Zany

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