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Updated: Aug 7, 2023

A momentum, a sense of urgency, and spontaneity.

The idea was to explore the concept of impulse, individually and as a group, with the performers.The piece starts with how one individual makes a sudden, impulsive movement that is then picked up and echoed by the others in the space.

As the process of the piece progresses, the dynamic between the dancers can shift from synchronous to asynchronous, with each dancer responding to the impulses of the others in different ways.

The dancers may move quickly across the stage, creating a sense of urgency and unpredictability. At other times, they may move slowly and deliberately, exploring the nuances of their movements and the relationships between them.

Ultimately, this piece is about impulse and dynamics between movements and people's exploration of human connection and communication. Through their movements, a sense of intimacy, tension, and cooperation invites the audience to enter their world and experience the raw energy and emotion of the work.

Tanz Luzerner Theater

Dancers: Madeleine Crist, Cecilia de Madrazo, Chiara dal Borgo, Andrea Maria Mirabile and Samuel Deniz Falcon

Swiss Premiere 2011

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